The 2019 USEF / AVA National Championships are here!

Congratulations to all who have decided to make the journey to St. Louis this year!
As a past vaulter and horse owner/trainer, I am keenly aware of how important it is to capture these moments forever. Over the years, I have gained a tremendous respect for the subtleties of vaulting photography, including unique timing (horse stride, vaulter moves, location on the circle, etc) low-light action photography complications, and etiquette aspects (positioning, noise, distractions, green horses, etc). PLEASE NOTE:  While there will only be one arena running this year – I will still be photographing the event solo this year, and as such it’s very helpful that vaulters, teams, horse, owners, parents, etc contact me and fill out the registration form.

Unfortunately I’m unable to attend the entire event, and will be confirmed for the entire competition days both Saturday and Sunday.

I will be able to provide limited photography of vaulter rounds later in the afternoon on Friday, depending on my flight arrival time and how easily I can get transportation back to the show grounds from the airport.

Please email me or call/text @ 571-229-0762 if there are any critical changes (since there’s one arena, it shouldn’t be a big issue this year.)

FOR TIMING INFORMATION – CLICK TO VIEW – 2019 USEF / AVA National Championships Official Order of Go (opens in new window – STILL PRELIMINARY)



NOTE: I have upgraded my equipment, software, and workflow processes this year – as well as support for automatic print fulfillment / mailing.
Pre-paid galleries will be uploaded ASAP without watermarks and images will be available for immediate download, linking, sharing, etc.
Unpaid galleries will then be processed (with watermarks) so you can view your photos – if purchased, I can easily update the gallery for you.

  • Low/web resolution quality included High resolution images WITH NO SOCIAL MEDIA LICENSING LIMITATIONS! Please note – as always, photo credit is greatly appreciated.
  • Print quality, high res, and other rights may be purchased Print-quality processing on select images is included – additional fees for prints apply, pricing list will be available on your gallery page once uploaded. 


NOTE on minimum photo numbers per package listed below: These reflect variables in horse rounds (some rounds have all stand/flight moves facing away from photographer position for example – while many rounds may have 3-4x more images than the listed number of shots actually taken. The estimated number reflects the amount of final images which meet my standards for a usable photo (quality, framing, sharpness, timing, etc).

As a vaulter (not just a photographer!) it is generally better to purchase as many rounds as possible – especially if vaulters participate in multiple freestyle rounds. There WILL BE rounds when the vaulters flight moves, jumps, and best static moves are NOT facing me (even if moves are towards judges, light through the arena windows / doors may not permit me from shooting in that direction!)

NATLS_01 $55 – Vaulter Multi Package

  • Includes up to any three available rounds (ie. compulsories, tech test, RII freestyle OR 2-phase horse compulsories, etc)
  • Minimum of 18 competition photos plus all additional candid photos (note: usually ~20%+ more shots)

NATLS_02 $32 – Vaulter Round Package

  • Includes single vaulting round (ie. one [1] compulsory round OR one [1] freestyle round, etc)
  • Minimum of 7 competition photos plus all additional candid photos – (note: usually ~20%+ more shots)

NATLS_03 $40 – Vaulter Pairs / Pas De Deux Package

  • **same as above, but one [1] pairs / pas de deux round and all available photos of both vaulters in round

NATLS_04 NEW – $70 – Team Round Package

  • Introductory package; as there are many more vaulters included in these longer rounds – split the cost with your teammates and get plenty of photos for everyone!
  • Includes one team round (ie. team freestyle round)
  • Minimum of 26 competition photos including vaulter, horse, bow photos, run-in photos, and candid shots (note: usually ~20%+ more shots)